Fundamentals for Increasing Blog Views

Every site owner would anticipate thousands page views per day for their blog but unfortunately only handful will reach that spot. Frustration mounts when you find it even harder to achieve the desire goal and it is natural. And this is when an efficient and effective content marketing plan needs to be prepared for its successful execution. When you execute a content marketing strategy you need to be active and have to incorporate the eligible and proven tactics which can help to reach your goal swiftly.

Let’s look at the some of the most important tactics of content marketing that you have to do regularly without fail in order to aspire for maximum page views daily.

Blog Often

Post blog often or at least two or three times in a week. Here is the guide which can help you how to write your blog post faster. Writing blog often brings your audience to a level of consistency and this consistency help build your overall brand trust value. Trust is the currency of Internet.

Guest Blog

Writing for niche audience is the best policy to get good pageviews. A post that covers solution of your niche audience queries can help you get featured on other high traffic resources. Find blogs related to your business and contact them to request guest post. Connect with them and write blog with solid information rather than just to be a promotional. It should be valuable and engaging with industry news and solutions and published on those external websites which are market places where your targeted audience most often comes. Guest blog posts are great source of improving your reputation and drawing your potential audience towards your website and your core business.

Connect Socially

There are plenty of online tools available through which you can find influencers that focus on your niche so you can engage with them and increase followers. Connecting with right person always leads to a strong partnership. Keep your social profiles buzzing that give a sense to your followers that you are still active and worth being in touch. Keep your social profiles consistently active by sharing information from your blog content and also from external sources related to your industry which your followers would love to read and further share with their network.

Learn Writing Techniques

Analyse your competitors’ blog websites, their wording, phrases and headlines etc. There are so many success stories, learn from them and utilise their recipes for success.

Use Images

Use graphs, infographics, charts and amusing quotes to engage your audience. Human brains catch information presented in form of image very quickly. Keep this in mind and make some Slideshare or infographic to attract you audience.

Focus on Delivering Quality Content

Don’t just prepare long content just for the sake of having long content. Ensure that your content convers a subject in-depth which holds your audience interest rather leading them to lose interest. Focus on quality and be informative which helps your readers find solutions and the answer.

Focus on Your Audience and Understand Their Pain Points

Ultimately your audience is the captain of your ship. Treat them well. Focus on gaining a personal relationship by understanding their needs. Adopt more interactive and engaging process that can help to communicate with them directly. Interacting with them through comments and also by emails works really well.

Look for ways helping your audience understand your content. Find questions that interest your audience and make them stay for long on your website. Questions asked at the end of the blog are great icebreakers for encouraging your audience to comment and interact.

You need to understand their wants and look for ways to become influential to them. Try helping them and understand their pain points. Write for them.