LinkedIn Marketing Tactics

With more than 400 million users and spread over 200 countries, LinkedIn is now more than just a resume-displaying platform. In fact, LinkedIn is now the most popular and powerful marketing avenue for business including small, big, B2B, B2C and startup.

LinkedIn offers brands the unique opportunity to build direct relationship with their targeted customers. It has now lot more social features including the ones that will help you not just have a professional presence but actively market your business.

Following are few useful features that you can use to market your business on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Groups

Groups are the one of the powerful LinkedIn features that helps you connect with your target audience. They are so effective since it allows you to interact with people beyond your immediate connections.

You can find your niche groups with the use of search box at the top of your screen and type in your keywords. Filter options are available to find more accurate groups (you can also use it to find companies and people you might want to connect with).

Basic rules of groups:

  • Share legitimate and useful content (more of other people than yours)
  • Participate in discussion and write thoughtful replies which make sense.

Post Content

LinkedIn offers an excellent feature which allows members to publish blog posts. If you use this feature, you can view your blog posts near the top of your profile and it is quite excellent thing to keep your profile buzzing.

You need to build fresh content. Promoting content you have published on other social channels can also help you increase your profile views.

Since blogging on LinkedIn can increase the conversion it is worth implementing it into your routine sales/marketing agenda if you are looking to market to a new audience.


LinkedIn offers premium feature to send direct message to people you don’t know named InMail. You can use this feature with free account but only to people who allow you to connect with them.

In order to use this feature effectively, search target people using the search box, draft your marketing message and send. As LinkedIn’s own case studies show, so many brands have used InMail to enhance conversion rate.

Create Company Page

Like Facebook page, LinkedIn offer you to build your own company page. A profile, intuitive banner and logo are enough to get you started. Then you can share your unique and fresh log posts and engage with followers.

One best element that you can take benefit from on Company Page is sponsored updates – where you advertise your content to you target audience. This can be considered a game changing update as you can get as much exposure you need to reach niche audience.


Advertisement on LinkedIn can help you showcase your impressive content in front of many other like-minded people. With LinkedIn advertising, you can target your audience by country, demographics, job title, function and more. You have option to choose whether to use a text-based ad or a sponsored update. Decide your budget and you are ready to go.

Analyse Data

If you want to improve your marketing, you need to check what is working. LinkedIn offers data report for profiles, company page and for advertising. For profile, you can check who and how many people have viewed your profile. For company page, you can check engagement, total reach and data about followers and visitors. You can also get statistics on the performance of sponsored updates which can further help you build more useful and actionable content.