Top Animation Libraries To Use

The current web development industry has flourished with amazing and eye capturing animations. Today web developers have plenty of techniques to build websites which engage people and give them visually appealing experience through interactive animation effects.

It was a time when developers were totally depended on Adobe Flash to add interactivity to their websites but with the advancement of HTML5, CSS3 and myriad JavaScript libraries, the scenario has completely changed and it has become so easy for web developers to build something engaging effectively.

Below we have compiled a list of few of the best animation libraries you should use in 2016.


GreenSock is one of the most popular animation libraries that can do everything in the animation department. You can split HTML text into characters, lines and words. Or you can make virtually any DOM element spinnable, tossable, draggable and even flick-scrollable across devices.

Using GSAP you can animate almost any CSS-related property of DOM elements. Tween things such as contrast, tint, saturation, exposure, brightness, colorize and hue.

Founded by Jack Doyle and Carl Schoof, GreenSock is used by several popular brands like Google, Microsoft, Ford, Adobe, Motorola, AOL and thousand more use it.


Made by Joel Besada, Bounce.js is a neat animation that focuses on providing a selection of unique bouncy CSS animations to your website.

It is open source with its code on GitHub. Its animations are smooth and flawless.


Created by Daniel Eden, Animates.css is one of the sleekest and most easy to use CSS animation libraries. Applying Animate library is as simple as adding CSS classes to HTML elements. You can even use jQuery to call the animations on a particular event.

It is widely used CSS animation library and its minified file is small enough for inclusion in mobile websites.

Magic Animations

Released on 2014 and built by Christian, Magic Animations is one of the impressive animations libraries available today. You can find several different animations where some of them are quite unique to this library.

It is famous for its signature animations such as magic effects, bomb effects and foolish effects. It is easy to implement and you can also make use of the animations from jQuery.


Founded by Vittorio Zaccaria, DynCSS is an animation library that you should implement in your website along with parallax effect. Take a look at this demo to check what you can do with this library.

Rotation of the elements with respect to scrolling is one of the cool features that this library offers.


CSShake is founded by Lionel and was released back in 2014. It offers exactly what its name suggests – a CSS library for shaking element for your website.

It has several easy to use classes that will add different kind of shake to each part of your site.


Founded by Ian Lunn, Hover.css is a CSS animation library designed to use with links, button, logos, SVG, featured images and so on.

This library has comprehensive list of animations along with it notable animation effects such as speech bubbles and curls.


There are many other animations libraries out there such as Velocity.js, favico.js and AniJS you can implement in your web project. Using an animation library in your web project can certainly improve interactivity but overdoing it has setbacks too that may confuse the viewer. Use them sensibly.